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Lieksa Adult Education Centre



Lieksa Adult Education Centre | Народное училище г. Лиекса | Henkilöstö

The Lieksa Adult Education Centre – Lieksan kansalaisopisto – provides a wide range of adult education services. During the year the Centre has about 140 groups with about 1300 students.

The Centre activities and courses are printed in Korento, which is a newsletter of the Welfare Department of the City of Lieksa. The programme is published in August and December on website https://www.opistopalvelut.fi/lieksa/.



You can register for our courses:

  • via the Internet on website https://www.opistopalvelut.fi/lieksa/

  • by phone, telephone number +358 40 1044 106 (in Finnish) 

  • in  Lieksa Customer Servise Cente at address Pielisentie 3 (open on weekdays from 9 am till 3 pm).

  • by the teacher of the course on the first day of study if there are still some vacant places available.

The registration lasts to the first day of the course. You can also register for the course after the course has started if there are vacancies for students left.

Students are accepted to a course in the order of registration. Please note the rules for cancelling your registration.


You can cancel your registration without extra charge before the course has started via email: tuula.porkka@lieksa.fi. Deadline for cancellation is  the previous weekday before the first day of the course. In case you do not cancel your registration before the course has started (even you do not enter it at all or you drop it out), you must pay the course fee entirely. You must also cancel your registration in case, when you have started the course in spring, but you don't wish to continue it in spring semester. If you don't cancel your participation in the course for spring semester, you have to pay also spring semester course fee.


An unemployed person can take two fee-free courses. For usage of this benefit you have to show your card of an unemployed job seeker in Municipal Customer Service Centre (Asiakaspalvelupiste) at Pielisentie 3.  You can get the card in a local Employment Office (TE-toimisto) at Kainuuntie 5.


Permanent employees of the Centre are: a principal, a secretary, two planning teachers, a technical education teacher and a physical education teacher. During the year the Centre employs about eighty teachers in different subjects.

E-mail addresses of the permanent staff follow the pattern firstname.surname@lieksa.fi.

Mr Asko Saarelainen, Principal, Licentiate of Philosophy
tel. +358 40 1044 111

  • management of the Centre, drawing up an Action Plan, editing of the newsletter Korento, grants of the Department of Cultural Services, exibitions in Lieksa Cultural Centre
  • teaching: local history, teaching of local history for travel guides.

Ms Tuula Porkka, secretary
tel. +358 40 1044 106

  • customer service and payments

Ms Inna Turpeinen, Planning Teacher, Master of Arts
tel. +358 40 1044 108

  • planning of language courses and development of language teaching

  • teaching: English, Russian and Finnish for foreigners.

Mr Pasi Karonen, Planning Teacher, Master of Science
tel. +358 40 1044 112

  • planning of computing and practical skills courses

  • teaching: social issues, computing, philosophy.

Ms Pirjo Rämänen, Physical Education Teacher, Master of Science (Sport Sciences)

  • teaching of Physical Education in Comprehensive School and Adult Education Centre.