Sports, culture, youth

Sports, culture and youth



The Department of Sports Services:

  • Coordinates, develops and supports the city’s sports services
  • Monitors the sports services organised in the city and makes initiatives
  • Makes proposals on the construction, procurement, equipment and maintenance of sports facilities and related leisure facilities in the city
  • Distributes action aid to support sports clubs
  • Provides statements and reports relevant to its field of operation
  • Keeps in touch with the local sports clubs and other sports communities
  • Organises sports and physical activity for special groups

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The Department of Cultural Services aims to create stimuli in the local cultural activities by organising professional art exhibitions at the Cultural Centre, support the preservation of local heritage and the local cultural tradition and promote cultural events by professional artists that increase local impact.



The Department of Youth Services supports the operations of youth organisations and activity groups. The Department of Youth Services organises dance classes, activity days, movies/discount movies for children and young people, camps, trips, theatre and music shows and youth bus activities. The Department of Youth Services also works to prevent drug use among young people.

The workshop activities for young people are outsourced from Valpas Ratkaisut Oy. The Department of Youth Services is also involved in the activities of Ohjaamo Nuoppis. The Department of Youth Services is in charge of the operations of the Cultural Centre and organises cultural activities for children and young people.

The youth club at the Cultural Centre is a meeting point for young people.