Public transport

Public transport


Air transport

The nearest airport for scheduled flights is in Joensuu, about 100 km from Lieksa. Trains and buses from the centre of Joensuu operate to Lieksa.


Transport to Koli


Trains and buses



The taxi station is located in Asemakatu 1, 81700 Lieksa. Taksi Itä-Suomi serves customers in Lieksa but does not coordinate taxi orders to and from Koli due to geographic reasons. For a taxi in the centre of Lieksa, call Taksi Itä-Suomi: 0601 10100.

For Kela-reimbursed travel by taxi in North Karelia, call:
- +358 800 101 000 (Joensuun Taksi Oy) or
- +358 800 021 85 (Menevä Oy)


Carpooling service

A public, demand-responsive, accessible, door-to-door transport service operates in Lieksa. Find the contact information of the local driver and order a ride directly from them. Order your ride from the driver one day before the ride between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. The departure times are approximate and the driver will give a more detailed schedule when you order your ride.

Ordering a carpool

  1. Check the map and select the area from which you need a ride
  2. Find the date of the ride and the telephone number from the list
  3. Order your ride by calling the number one day before
  4. When ordering your ride, agree on your pick-up time and location
  5. Be prepared to pay for your ticket and show a discount certificate, if eligible
  6. Payment methods: card, cash

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