Information about Lieksa

Information about Lieksa


  • Lieksa is located on the shores of lake Pielinen in the northeast of the North Karelia region in eastern Finland
  • The City of Lieksa was founded in 1973
  • The population of Lieksa is about 10 500
  • Lieksa covers an area of 4,067.72 km2, of which 649.75 km2 is comprised of water systems
  • Lieksa’s tax rate is 21.00

In the winter, the Koli ice road runs between Koli and Vuonislahti. It is the longest public ice road in Finland (7 km) and the longest inland ice road in Europe.


Service point of the City of Lieksa at Lieksa City Hall
Open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Address: Pielisentie 3, 81700 Lieksa
Tel. +358 40 1044 710

At the City of Lieksa service point, you can find more information about the city’s services and tourism, a cash desk (invoice payment service of the City of Lieksa, the Siun Sote Joint Municipal Authority for North Karelia Social and Health Services and the North Karelia rescue department), venue bookings and reservations for gymnasiums and sports fields, ice rink, boat berths and garden allotments. The service point is accessible and offers a computer and printer for customers’ use. The city’s service desk. The city’s official noticeboard is also located at the service point.

Tourist information at the service point on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., tel. +358 40 1044 680, e-mail:

The city’s chat channel at

On social media @lieksankaupunki: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn


The city’s decision-makingis based on the Local Government Act and the various municipal administrative regulations.

The City Council has the highest decision-making power in the city. The city councillors are elected every four years.

The Town Board is in charge of preparing and implementing the decisions of the Council and monitoring legality. The Town Board manages the city’s operations, administration and economy. The Town Board is responsible for coordinating the city’s operations and corporate governance as well as the city’s HR policy, internal supervision and risk management.

The Well-being Services Committee coordinates:

  • early childhood education
  • pre-primary and basic education
  • general upper secondary education
  • children’s morning and afternoon activities
  • music institute
  • adult education centre
  • library
  • museums
  • cultural activities
  • sports services
  • youth services
  • integration
  • food supply services

The agendas and minutes of the city’s institutions are published on the city’s website. The minutes are available on the city’s website for two years after the meeting.

Agendas and minutes (in Finnish)



For up-to-date information about elections, please visit the Elections website of the Ministry of Justice.