Child care and education

Child care and education


Early childhood education

Early childhood education refers to the systematic and goal-oriented combination of education, teaching and care of children under the school age with a special focus on pedagogics. In Lieksa, early childhood education is organised in ECEC centres, group family day care homes and family day carer services.

The early childhood education of Lieksa uses an electronic information system and customer service.

Reserving day care, reporting absences and messaging, DaisyFamily.

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Submitting early childhood education applications, income declarations and declarations of termination and changes, including electronic investment and payment decisions.

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Pre-primary education

Pre-primary education

Children must participate in one-year-long pre-primary education or other activity fulfilling the goals of pre-primary education the year before the start of their compulsory education. In Lieksa, pre-primary education is organised in the pre-primary education groups of ECEC centres and at schools.

Sign up for pre-primary education with an electronic form or a paper printout. Paper forms are available at ECEC centres, schools and the City Hall (Pielisentie 3, 3rd floor). Send the paper form to Kaupungintalo/Pirjo Oinonen, PL 41, 81701 Lieksa (street address: Pielisentie 3, 3rd floor).

Electronic application form for pre-primary education

Basic education

Basic education


Children permanently residing in Finland must participate in compulsory education. The compulsory education starts during the year when the child turns seven years old. The compulsory education ends when the basic education syllabus has been completed or after 10 years of the start of the compulsory education.

If the goals set for basic education cannot be reached in nine years due to the child’s disability or illness, the compulsory education starts one year earlier and lasts 11 years.

The child of compulsory education age must attend basic education organised in line with the Basic Education Act or otherwise gain an education corresponding to the basic education syllabus. The guardian of a child of compulsory education age must ensure that the compulsory education is completed.

Schools in Lieksa:

  • Primary schools: Keskuskoulu school, Rantala school, Koli school
  • Lieksa lower secondary school (Lieksan yläkoulu)
  • Upper secondary school


Enrolment for basic education:

Separate enrolment for school is not required; the guardians of children about to enter first grade receive a decision on the pupil’s place of education (closest school according to the address in the population register) by the end of February.

If the guardian wishes the child to start basic education one year earlier or later than specified, an application and expert statements must be sent to: Lieksan kaupunki, PL 41, 81701 Lieksa.

Children and guardians are invited to visit the school before the start of the school year.



Lieksa upper secondary school is located in the Brahea campus area, address: Kuhmonkatu 30, 81700 Lieksa.

Music institute

Music institute


In Lieksa, an extensive syllabus of basic education in the arts is offered at the Pielinen Karjala music institute. The music institute teaches nearly all            orchestral instruments as well as the piano, kantele, guitar and accordion. The music institute offers early childhood music education (music playschool), basic level of music, music institute level and open level music education.




In Lieksa, vocational education and training is organised by the Joint Municipal Authority for North Karelia Education Services Riveria Lieksa unit.

Double degree at Riveria.